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So one day, i found someone (i think its from this forum) suggested to uncheck Apply rate limit to uTP connections. So i've unchecked it and pressed "OK" button while i was downloading something. BAMMM! Torrent that was downloading between KB/s instantly jumped to 1MB > 3MB > 7 MB > 10MB. I have a internet connection of the 60 mb/s on download and 6 mb/s on upload, i got a uTorrent v (build ) 32 bits, i'm using a Windows 10 Pro x On this uTorrent version i have a curious bug, i'm set a limit download to kb/s on tree ways, in bottom bar in uTorrent. I have set the upload speed limit to kbs but utorrent ignores that totally and keeps on uploading at high speeds. For the purpose of testing I have.

good afternoon, this is my first post after using utorrent for the past 5+ years, ive been using utorrent as my bit torrent client since windows xp was popu. Running uTorrent build and noticed that its not sticking to the set download and upload limit for each individual torrent. In older version never had this problem. Not sure if this is a Bug. If so feel free to move to Bug Reports. Right click on a torrent and set the speed limits for an individual torrent. Please explain

29 Jan There are many tutorials online about how to speed up your downloads, but a lot of these recommendations are made by people who don't fully understand the BitTorrent protocol, and following their advice in some cases may do more harm than good. One misconception is that it can help to limit your. Anybody else noticed that your download speed goes down when you limit your upload speed? I used to not have this problem. I can't download anything without having to upload at full speed. 2) go into utorrent and go to: Options > Preferences. 3) click on "Bandwidth" on the left hand side and find a checkbox that says " Apply rate limit to uTP connections" and UNCHECK IT. 4) now click on "Bittorrent" on the left hand side and find another checkbox that says "Enable bandwidth mangemnet.


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